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Convergence Technology Center Winter Retreat

December 14 - 16, 2010

“Effective Pedagogy of Social Media in the Classroom' - Taught by Gordon Snyder of the National ICT Center

Course Description:
Provide professional development in the area of effective pedagogy of using technology to teach. This includes an understanding of the science and power of marketing; the quality of students they will attract and retain with this understanding. Each participant will be expected by the end of this course to have developed a personal six-month plan for using social media in the classroom.

The course will be an in-person, traditional class setting while using online tools in class as well as have the ability to access course materials after the course is completed. Last, qualified participants will be offered an opportunity to participate in a 6 month analysis of the effective use of social media in an educational setting.

Learning Activities


  • Join Winter Retreat wiki so that student will be participating in a form of social media through out the course.
  • Lecture/Discussion - Impact of the science and power of marketing to recruit and retain students within classes.
  • Students will work independently and/or in pairs to find information regarding social media in education to share with the rest of the class. Students will post information on class wiki.
  • Discussion and sharing of information found.
  • Attendees will be offered an opportunity to participate in a 6-month study of the use of social media in an educational setting.
  • HOMEWORK - Each individual will put together a rough draft of goals for a 6-month social media plan.

Opening Session Presentation:

Blogging Powerpoint:

Twitter Session:


  • Participants will be grouped and share/ discuss their rough drafts. Overall classroom discussion will follow.
  • Participants work in stations as they work with different mobile devices and online applications to determine what devices they would like to have as part of their 6-month plan
  • Participate in online meeting with CTC mentored college colleagues. Demonstration of use of online meeting tools like gotomeeting. Discussion topic: How technology and social media is currently being used in different classrooms and schools.

Updated 12/16/10

Updated 12/16/10

Podcasting and Video Session:

Linked In Basics:


The CTC Social Media Wiki

  • Class presentations on individual plans for implementation of social media within their academic setting.
  • Decision on commitments to participate in 6-month follow up activities.


  1. Attendees will have an increased knowledge of what technologies and social media applications are available as well as how the effective use of these tools relate to the recruitment and retention of students in classes.
  1. Attendees participate in the collection of Web 2.0 tools and applications that are applicable to use in an educational setting.
  1. Attendees gain independence and confidence as they evaluate other tools and new technology as well as share resources with others.
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